Japanese Cuisine: Miso Soup Recipe!

Let’s get to know the famous miso soup from Japanese cuisine and share the recipe.
There are people who love miso soup. Of course, the taste of a foreign culture is quite normal for those who do not like. This soup alone is among the indispensables of Japanese cuisine.

Important Information about Miso Soup:

It is a soup made of soy paste. The steamed soybeans are made from yeast (soybeans, rice or wheat. It is made from a mixture of soy sauce.

  1. It is a soup that you can easily put in your diet list.
  2. Miso soup is one of the most basic and basic Japanese dishes.
  3. Miso is rich in protein and amino acids but contains a large amount of salt (8-15%). In fact, Miso is used as a sweetener in many dishes.
  4. Miso soup comes as a side dish alongside other dishes at every meal in Japan.
  5. It is prepared by mixing crushed soy bean paste called miso with hot water. If desired, sweeteners such as nori, green onions can also be included.
  6. Miso (Japanese: 味噌) is a fermented Japanese food.
  7. Miso soup, which is a traditional Japanese soup, uses miso shiru.
  8. Soybeans are a kind of dough obtained by fermenting rice or barley with sea salt and fungus called ko-ji. Normally it has a salty taste, but depending on the ingredients used and the method of fermentation, the flavor is produced in different ways.
  9. Some misos can be sweet in this variety.
  10. It has an important position especially in Japanese nutrition and is also used as diet food.

Firstly you should consider that before throwing extra spices and ingredients to this recipe. However, the second time you drink soup, you can make changes to the recipe as desired.


List of Ingredients Required for Miso Soup:

• Half a liter of water
• 1 piece of carrot, 2 inches long pencil thickness cut
• 1 medium onion, chopped in half rings
• Half eggplant
• 140 grams of miso should be in half rings cut to the fineness of old pounds
• 10 grams of 12/3 pack of tofu per person
• Teaspoon katsuo daşi, or one or half dried caster dried as desired


Throw carrots into half a liter of boiling water. After cooking them off for two minutes, add the onion and eggplant slices after one or two minutes. This gives you a separate cooking time.

After 1-2 minutes, add the dried katsuo dashi with miso, which you melt with a fork in the soup ladle. (Katsuo dashi can participate earlier if desired. This depends on how much of the taste you want to penetrate the vegetables.)

After Miso, the soup should never be boiled. Decrease the heat thoroughly and finally add the cubes of tofu, which it cut smaller than the sugar cubes. Close the lid of the saucepan and wait for a minute or so to make the soup steep.

You can use what you want from seasonal vegetables.

We are looking forward to your feedback and photos.

Enjoy your soup!

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