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Delicious Sushi Art and Recipe!

We have to say we’re a little sensitive about sushi. We noticed that there is not much information about Sushi and sushi is thought to be just raw fish. But it is not!

We would like to explain in 9 sentences what is Sushi before giving the recipe.

  1. Sushi is a special flavor, a Japanese specialty.
    It is a Japanese specialty that is washed or baked with a special rice and served on top or inside of rice prepared with a mixture of Mitzukan (rice vinegar), sugar and salt and placed with ingredients such as fish and other seafood or vegetables.
  2. This food is the general name given to sushi pilaf dishes prepared with rice vinegar.
    Algae wrapped presentation is the most common form. But this is just one of the four kinds of sushi, basically.
  3. There are four basic types of sushi.
    NIGIRI: Hand squeezed rice prepared by squeezing the seafood prepared on the boiled rice.
    MAKI: Boiled rice, seafood and extra ingredients; sushi
    URAMAKI: It is a kind of sushi where seaweed is used as internal material and seafood is placed on rice. We can say that one is the most consumed.
    SASHIMI: Seafood served in slices without rice.
  4. Sushi does not mean raw fish.
    Sushi doesn’t mean raw fish.
    Among them are not only raw slices of fish but also other cooked seafood. So you never have to eat raw fish.
  5. Sushi is a freshly eaten dish.
    Freshness is one of the biggest rules at Sushi. Must be eaten within a few hours at the latest.
  6. There are samurai rules in your kitchen.
    In the kitchen, where a fish is cut, there are rules such as not cutting another fish and cutting each fish with different knives.
  7. Unhealthy, on the contrary, a meal rich in Omega-3.
    Since many seafood naturally have low fat levels, unsaturated fat ratios and omega-3 amounts are also high.
  8. The flavor of sushi is complemented by ginger root pickles called Gari.

The most important feature of Gari is that it resets the taste in the mouth while eating different sushi varieties.

  1. The place to taste with soy is not the rice of sushi, but the fish itself.
    Otherwise, the rice will absorb the sauce and you will see that even in your dreams that night you drank water 🙂

Let’s move on to the recipe:

Ingredients for Making Sushi at Home Recipe
1 cup rice
1 cup water
3 pieces of nori leaves (Sushi seaweed)
1/4 (quarter) pieces of avocado
1 small carrot
1 piece of almond cucumber
50 ml rice vinegar (mirin)
Smoked pickled salmon
Half tablespoon sugar
Half a tablespoon of salt

Soy Sauce


Soak the rice with warm water for half an hour.
Then it is washed thoroughly until the starch is gone and 1 cup of hot water for half a minute on the smallest cooker full open fire, then until the water is completely cooked on low heat.
When the rice is cooked, mix and place on a napkin and let stand for 15 minutes.
Then the glass is mixed into a container and allowed to cool thoroughly.
In a small coffee pot, 50 ml of rice vinegar, salt and sugar are heated until melted.
Avocados, carrots and cucumbers are finely chopped (Julian) as toothpicks. A bowl is filled with water and kept ready.
The bright part of the Nori leaf opens onto a wicker service, facing us.
The cooled rice is divided into 3 parts, 1/3 of the rice is added to each nori leaf with a spoon.
Avocado, carrots and cucumbers are added to one side of the leaf.
Brine salmon is added on it and slowly rolled into a roll with wicker service.
The blade is immersed in water and the hanging pieces on both ends of the roll are cut, sliced ​​according to preference and served with soy sauce and wasabi.

We are looking forward to your feedback and photos.
Enjoy your meal:)

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