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Grilling the Perfect Steak: Doneness Levels!

What is the correct cooking degree of steak?

Steak cooking techniques are different, as well as taste to person. For this reason, in steakhouse restaurants, customers are asked how they want to eat meat. Although steakhouse chefs who recommend not to cook too much good and tasty meat and those who want to eat overcooked meat occasionally come across, it should be known that ideal meat cooking is an approved temperature.

You can learn about delicious recipes and ideal cooking methods by scanning meat online. Steak products lose their juice and flavor naturally when cooked too. Flesh, whose soft tissue is lost, also disappears. Chefs who claim that recipes containing meat should be eaten bloody and those who want to keep up with this fashion can use their preferences in this direction, while those who want to eat medium or well cooked meat can also give orders according to their own taste.

How to Determine Cooking Levels in a Professional Kitchen?

Steak cooking grades are rated as low, medium and high. It should be known from the beginning that the flavors that will be produced by an amateur cook at home and the ingredients used by a professional chef can be different from each other.

In steak restaurants, bloody or undercooked meat is prepared only by sealing off. The meat is hardly cooked and bloody. The ideal result is achieved if the temperature remains below 40 degrees when preparing such a meat.

The interior of the undercooked meat is completely brown, even if the outside is slightly brown. If the meat is undercooked, the temperature of the ceiling should be below 50 degrees. A non-medium and medium rare steak is fully sealed and served with a pink inside. In order to serve the meat in this way, the degree of cooking must remain below 52.

Meat is also an indication of cooking

The outside of a medium-cooked meat is completely brown and warm inside. The temperature, which should remain below 57 degrees, ensures that the ordered steak flavor is as desired. In a steakhouse working with experienced chefs, the interior of medium and well cooked meat has started to lose its vitality.

The middle of the meat, which is almost brown, has lost its first vitality. A steakhouse chef who does his job correctly prepares the medium / good order at a temperature below 63 degrees. A well-cooked steak is completely dark and there is no pink inside. Well-cooked meat, which must be prepared at temperatures above 70 degrees, is prepared according to the rules in professional kitchens.

Here are internal Doneness Levels of Steak:

  • Bleu: Both sides of the meat are sealed in the pan for 30 seconds. Although not a very preferred method is a healthy cooking method.
  • Rare: The meat is red inside. Cook on both sides in a preheated pan for 1 minute.
  • Medium Rare: Both sides of the meat are sealed for two minutes. The interior of the meat is soft and light pink.
  • Medium: After sealing the meat, cook both sides for 3 minutes.
  • Medium Well: Both sides of the meat are cooked for 7 minutes. There is very little pink in the meat after the process is finished.
  • Well Done: In this method, the meat dies completely. There’s no meat juice in it. It is not healthy. You won’t see any pink in it.

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