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10 Glamorous Makeup Tips and Tricks!

How to apply the eye liner as a pro? How to choose the foundation? And much more questions…

All questions that arise when you are a Make up Addict or a debutante in the world of makeup are often unanswered.

With some tips and tricks, you do not have to be a professional to have a perfect makeup!

It may take time to fully understand the shape of his face, the colors that highlight us or the amount of products to use.

But once you have the know-how, you will see how easy it is to highlight your assets and hide your imperfections.

Here are some tips and makeup tricks that can help you would have liked to know earlier!

Trick to keep your makeup for a long time!
It’s a bit like the big makeup mystery: How to avoid looking like a panda at the end of the day? Of course there is no miracle recipe to stay “on fleek” for 14 hours, but there are some tips that work pretty well.

Hydrate you skin
Hydration is the basis of makeup! Indeed, if you apply a product for the complexion directly on the face without having hydrated your skin, this one will “drink” the product.
Briefly, applying a cream before applying makeup creates a “barrier” between the product and the skin while nourishing it.

Lay a base
As its name suggests, the base comes to prepare the skin to receive makeup. It allows to unify your skin, hide the pores apparent, in short, the foundation makes a great job!

Fix the makeup
This is a step we rarely talk about and yet make-up fixers are beautiful products. Basically, it is a spray that is sprayed once finished makeup to extend its duration. If you have never tested, go for it.

Tip for applying mascara
Use a plastic spoon to easily apply the mascara to your lower lashes. You will avoid putting on hard skin.

Concealer application tip
Corrector is often placed only on the lower part of the eyes. But, to completely remove dark circles, it is best to highlight the crease under the eye, then apply a darker shade on the rest of the lower eyelid.

Trick to create the highlight of a look

Makeup is, after all, just a play of light. By highlighting certain areas, you can easily create the illusion of a more intense and deep look.
Clear shades (whites, creams, and pearls) should be applied at the inside corners, in the middle of the eyelid, and just below the bone of the tip of the outer eyelid.
Apply them first, then move on to your darker shades.

Trick for blush application
To properly apply your blush, start by determining the shape of your face. The Blush not only makes you look pretty, but also defines the contours of your cheeks.
The way you apply it allows you to beautify the features of your face, or soften them.

Tip to enlarge your look
This trick draws light and gives the illusion of a larger upper eyelid.
Use a light pink matte pencil. Start at the inside corner of the upper eyelid and draw a line to the outside corner. and There you go

Eye liner tips
I guess, as is the case for me, you do not stop asking your friends all the time if our eyeliner is flowing or not. Some eyeliners are more sensitive to this, especially those that are not waterproof.
But I do not advise you to use this type of makeup because they can be very difficult to remove.
To prevent the eyeliner from running, apply matte powder just under the eyeliner. This creates a barrier, preventing your eyeliner from coming down.

Use a hair dryer on your eyelash curler
Use it for about 3-5 seconds. The heat works the same way as your hair straightener. You will have curved lashes for the whole day.

Lip scrub trick
Use a baby toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. To really get the job done, use a homemade recipe by mixing sugar, honey and coconut oil.

BB cream homemade
It works just as well as a “real” BB cream, hiding imperfections with a truly natural look. Simply mix your favorite moisturizing lotion with a little of your concealer.

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