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Easily Applied Cake Decoration Techniques

Tired of buying ready-made cake and their classic images? So now it’s your turn to create amazing cakes. But first, let’s get to know your little heroes who decorate our cakes and make them stylish. Here are the easily applied cake decoration techiques!

Colorful Materials You Can Use in Your Cake Decoration

Isn’t it important to decorate the cake as much as its dough and flavor? After all, before we taste the cake, we first look at how it looks. A natural cake that appeals to our eyes naturally also appeals to our stomach. So how do you decorate cakes? Quite an open-ended question. Because when it comes to cake decoration, we have many different kinds of decoration materials. So it’s up to your taste to choose from a list of materials. With the cake decorating techniques we have compiled for you, you can now create more original and extraordinary cakes. You will be able to do wonders in your kitchens even with a few add-ons.

A Delicious Touch: Nuts and Fruits

Cakes are indispensable in decorations with nuts and flavor can create a feast and make your cake visually rich. Peanuts, hazelnuts, coconut, pistachios, walnuts, sliced ​​almonds are some of the nuts you can use.

In pastry, fruits have a long history. The fruits you prefer according to the season will give your cake an aromatic taste and an energetic appearance. Strawberry, banana, pineapple, kiwi, tangerine, pear, watermelon, melon, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, peach, such as the list goes on and on, you choose enough. However, if you don’t have seasonal fruits at home, you can decorate your cakes with dried fruit candies.

Color Our Cake: Granules

If you want your cake to be more colorful and fun, check out the range of granules. You will get a creative look by adding different decorations to your cake. Here are a few granule options you might like …

Colored Balls

Opaque and transparent texture of these tiny balls in both mixed and monochrome options are available. If you want to give your cake a colorful texture, make sure to use it. For example: You can turn the birthday cakes for your children into adorable by decorating them with pink bead shaped balls.


Colorful sprial candies can also make wonderful cakes. If your cake is large and additive, try using smaller sugars. Thus, candy decorations will look more elegant and aesthetic on your cake. However, in small sizes you can sprinkle a few large sugar.


Pink Wedding cake with roses and macaroons with topper Bride to be. Top view, flat lay.

How about adding macarons that fascinate with their colors and shapes to the cakes? These light cookies, which we love to consume, add a tremendous appearance to the wet cakes.

Cakes Are More Attractive: Sugar Dough

If you find yourself creative, you can make your cakes more remarkable even with a tiny sugar dough. The aesthetics of this handy material offer a wide range of colors. With yellow, green, blue, pink and red sugar paste, you can create many figures you can think of.

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