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Super Bowl Sunday Killer Nachos | DJ BBQ & Haste’s Kitchen

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Food Tubers! And we’ve got a delicious treat for you to snack back on during the game. Ian Haste joins DJ BBQ to make a classic American nachos recipe – crispy tortilla smothered in layers of rich, spicy chilli, and cheese, melted under the grill until hot and gooey and topped with cool sour cream and a sprinkling of coriander. Yum!
Served with a tomato Pico de Rado and a fresh chargrilled pineapple salsa this dish is SUPER for the Super Bowl but equally great to serve at parties or share with friends! If this indulgent recipe is just too awesome and you’re looking for a lighter alternative, head over to Hastes Kitchen for an awesome layered salad.

Find Haste’s Kitchen channel here: http://jamieol.com/DV2sdo

Let us know in the box below what your favourite Super Bowl snack is we love to read your comments.

Links from the video:
Layered Salad | http://youtu.be/fcDgQx-21YA
Spicy Guacamole | http://jamieol.com/4sKBWO
Healthy Baked Beans | http://jamieol.com/5ycIX8
Extreme Chilli Con Carne | http://jamieol.com/q1zgyx

Find DJ BBQ’s channel here: http://jamieol.com/4mx0nJ

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