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Jamie's Leftover Turkey Tonnato

(PP) Contains product placement. We’ve teamed up with Hellmann’s for this video, for this and other great, tasty recipes check out http://jamieoliver.com/hellmanns. This retro style Turkey Tonnato recipe topped with a beautiful cayenne and lemon mayonnaise will trick you in to thinking the ​​Thanksgiving holidays are going to last forever. T​hin layers of breast meat​ generously dressed​ in ​the mayo ​sauce and drizzle​d​ ​with a fragrant capers marinade. Then decorat​ed​ with strips of anchovies and blackened chillis. This is one hell of a way to jazz up those leftovers people!

​There’s loads more seasonal dishes here on Food Tube and ​Jamie’s website: http://goo.gl/lx8YOv​
From traditional​ dishes​ to altern​ative vegan, vegetarian​, gluten free and dairy free recipes. There’s something for everyone this Holiday season!

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