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Asparagus 4 ways | Jamie Oliver

Hi guys, it’s asparagus season and Jamie is joined by three of his dear friends who are amazing cooks to bring you the best recipes that celebrates this delicious and nutritous veg.
@Felicitas Pizarro http://youtube.com/felicitaspizarro

@Food with Chetna http://youtube.com/foodwithchetna

@Bettina’s Kitchen https://youtube.com/channel/UCtpG-xABg2ybP1oYYCD9p-A

First up Jamie, wraps asparagus in smokey bacon, he then griddles them to perfection and dips his crispy tips into oozy soft boiled eggs.

We then meet, the brilliant Felicitas Pizarro in Argentina who makes the mouth watering Asparagus tempura, served with a tartar sauce in her back garden.

Next up, the fantastic Chetna Makan makes a quick and tasty asparagus and paneer Sabzi.

Finally, the talented Bettina Campolucci Bordi shows you how to prepare an incredible shaved asparagus salad. She marinades the asparagus in lemon juice and olive oil and tops with breadcrumbs.

Give these simple, quick and delicious recipes a go, you will love them! ”

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